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We produce versatile heavy duty silicone rubber threshold seals for under door protection. Keeps your home safe from gusty winds, leaks, floods, smoke, debris and more. 

Who We Are

3 Seals is your one stop silicone rubber supplier,  made in USA. We have designed a unique seal, never seen before.


Our Heavy Duty lifetime seals have 3 different sides. Each with different dimensions, giving you numerous options to close a gap.


With a team of dedicated specialist, we aim to provide the best in product, customer service and support. 



Before installation, cut to desired length using a knife..


With different dimensions on all three sides, our custom rubber seal has a snuggle fit that smoothly adjust to any door. 

No Tools necessary. Just firmly press the seal into your gap, using whichever of the three sides that fits.


Our seal was designed to trap the many unwanted forms of liquid. Gas. Smoke. Insects and more from entering.

Its Great for Hurricane Prone Areas. Stopping and trapping water from entering





Blocks water leaks, cold winds, debris, smoke and more.

Simply place it in the location needed, using the side that fits best.

Just cut to the size needed, and firmly place.

Multi-use seal

Our Threshold Silicone Rubber Seal protects against drafts, moisture, dust and insects. If needed, it can help save on energy by using our seal in your windows to keep the heat or air conditioning from circulating outside of the room.

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Heavy Duty

Most rubber seals on the market have a limited lifetime. Due to the fact that synthetic rubber will eventually melt/ crack etc.

Our Heavy Duty Silicone Rubber Seal last a lifetime. Guaranteed.

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Franklin & shay

We were skeptical at first since we’ve never seen anything like it. But we gave 3 seals a chance and we do not regret it. The seal fits perfectly and has kept our house safe during heavy rain and flooding

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