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Rubber Threshold Seal


                            3 SEALS

                                                          Universal Under door Threshold Seal

                                                                              Silicone Rubber



Our unique rubber seal has three sides with different dimensions. It snuggly fits under any door, from your smallest gap, up to just shy of a 1" gap.
Waterproof. Fireproof lifetime Silicone Rubber.
Can be special ordered, for larger sizes.
Firmly press the seal into your gap. Using whichever side that fits. Stopping anything from entering, and designed to trap the unwanted visitor.



Most of the other seals are not lifetime, but synthetic rubber that will eventually melt.

No Tools necessary. Just place where needed and press in. Heavy Duty Silicone Rubber


3 Sides
3 Different dimensions
3 ways to seal a gap

35" LONG



Ideal for Flood prone areas








Info Product:


Silicone rubber exhibits unique physical, mechanical, and chemical properties that enhance its usefulness, including:

  • Flame retardant: Silicone rubber exhibits high thermal stability.

  • Steam resistant: Its high thermal stability also allows silicone rubber to retain its shape and consistency when exposed to high-temperature steam.

  • Food-grade and medical-grade ratings: Silicone rubber is highly resistant to temperatures, chemicals, and radiation used for the sterilization of food processing and medical equipment, making it an ideal food-grade and medical-grade material.

  • Excellent compression set: Silicone rubber exhibits a high compression set, and will retain its shape under high levels of repeated or extended compression and extreme temperatures.

  • UV and radiation resistance: Silicone rubber will not degrade with repeated or prolonged exposure to UV or other types of radiation.

  • Rebound and resilience: Depending on the formulation, silicone rubber is highly flexible and will rebound or return to its original shape and configuration after it is flexed or bent.

  • Metal adhesion: Silicone rubber exhibits excellent adhesion to metals, particularly during molding and extrusion processes.

  • High tensile strength: Depending on the formulation and manufacturing process, silicone rubber exhibits tensile strength from 200 to 1,500 psi.

  • Chemically and biologically inert: Silicone rubber reacts to very few chemical or biological agents.

     Silicone rubber’s highly resistant, physically resilient, and durable          nature makes it ideal for molded rubber components in a broad range of      temperatures and environments.

3 Different Dimensions To Seal

2.25"x 3 x 35"

Will seal

Side 1.--1/4 - 3/4

Side 2.--1/8 - 5/8

Side 3.--1/16 - 9/16

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